Following the successful release and delivery of our two previous models, we are now excited to bring you our third timepiece: the limited edition DRZ_03 “Eclipse”. This is the first Direnzo dive watch, a timepiece that pays homage to iconic models from the 60s, while retaining the brand’s DNA.

I have always been curious about the idea of applying the eclipse effect to the dial of a watch. To do this, the dial would need to be produced in two parts; an inner matt disc and a sunburst fumé outer circle (similar to the DRZ 02)

In order to retain the 3D effect while continuing to experiment with new techniques, we use applied indices, thus allowing the watch’s overall height to be reduced by 0.5mm (as opposed to the sandwich construction of the 02), an especially significant element for a dive watch, while at the same time allowing for a greater surface area for the Super-LumiNova paint.

The dial’s bowl shape is reminiscent of the DRZ 02, only applied more subtly to reduce distortion beneath the water. This kind of dial manufacture requires a CNC modelling process, unlike when producing a more conventional and simple flat disc. We are proud to say that this is probably the first dive watch to make use of this technique and shape.

Last but not least, we maintain the innovative arrangement of the indices of the DRZ 02; a triangle positioned at 12 o’clock and circles at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, with the option of the date positioned at 6 o’clock (for a perfectly symmetrical design).

The rotating bezel draws inspiration from vintage dive watches, such as the Breguet. Removing all type and providing a minimalist layout generates a clear, highly polished piece from a design standpoint, which marries perfectly with the aesthetics of the dial.

It comes in three different colours, with the optional feature of the date, positioned at 6 o’clock.

– Grey with old radium Super-LumiNova and black sapphire bezel

– Blue with BGW9 Super-LumiNova and dark blue sapphire bezel

– Red with BGW9 Super-LumiNova and dark red sapphire bezel

Swiss Made:

The automatic movement chosen for this watch is the Swiss Sellita SW-200-1, a high quality and accurate mechanism for three hands with 38 hours of power reserve and a 28’800 A/h (4 Hz) frequency. Aside from the assembly and quality control undertaken in our Swiss atelier, each watch is inspected personally by me before being dispatched, allowing a final check to be carried out on the movement’s precision and ensuring that the choice of model and strap is the right one.


  • Eddine Zergdjenah says:

    Great watches
    I share your Passion.

    I m interrested in DRZ 2 . Let me know whether one piece still available.

    Your DRZ 3 in RED is beautifull. I will order one for my collection.

    Best regards

  • Scott Sherman says:

    I’ve got an Eclipse coming – the black & greys colorway, which is the correct colorway if anyone was looking for confirmation. It feels like I pre-ordered it about 7-years ago, while the actual elapsed Earth-time is 2-months….I just want the watch man, I love it so bad…I need the “3” & I need it now.

    Love your watches…love that you take your time with your designs, & that the time ends up equating to insane attention to detail, stellar specs, & it sure seems (again, can’t wait to be able to see & feel this in person) that you select manufacturing partners that are able to bring your designs to life appropriately, with stupid (in a good way) fit & finish. I get why “2” won Micro-O-the-Year, but “3” is the superior watch & should have won M.O.Y. as well…but it’s like the NBA, MJ & LeBron should’ve/should won/win the MVP every year, but for reasons I don’t understand, others are awarded it instead. Whatevs, you & I know who the real winner is – Scott Sherman

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