DRZ 04 Mondial White

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  • Swiss made DRZ 04 (Elaboré Swiss movement with Incabloc shock protection system)
  • Metal bracelet with butterfly clasp and folding clasp with 3 micro-adjustments
  • Wallet
  • Warranty card
  • Instructions

Shipped from Switzerland worldwide. Please note: customs duties and taxes are the buyer’s responsibility upon delivery.

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Following the successful release and delivery of my previous models, I’m now excited to bring you my fourth timepiece: The DRZ 04 “Mondial”

The arrival of jet planes revolutionized the world of air travel, a Boeing 707 was able to travel from Paris to New York in eight hours with 180 passengers – twice as many as a propeller-driven Super Constellation, which took over 14 hours for the same journey. The DRZ 04 “Mondial” draws inspiration from this exciting time.

Sergio Godoy Di Renzo – Founder


Additional information


316L Steel with scratch resistance coating (HV 800)


Double domed sapphire with anti-reflective coating


Metal bracelet with butterfly clasp

Diameter W/0 crown


Lug to Lug



11.9mm including sapphire

Water resistance

10 atm


Sellita SW-200-1 Elaboré + Incabloc


Screw down with sapphire crystal


150gr. with bracelet (all links)


24 months

40 reviews for DRZ 04 Mondial White

  1. Chao (verified owner)

    Very nice watch overall, clean dialand well executed bracelet. Sergio is very friendly and efficient. The date is not quite sitting in the center as mentioned by others, but it doesnt bother me as much.

  2. Leyden (verified owner)

    One of the best watches!!

  3. Benjamin C. (verified owner)

    Absolute masterpiece of a watch, and Sergio was fantastic the whole way through.

  4. Robert Balian (verified owner)

    I have worn my Mondial for about a month now. I have to say the design sold me but I have really fallen in love with the bracelet. This watch is so comfortable. Really hate taking it off.

  5. Thomas Vasseur

    I do not want to repeat what others have already said but to confirm this strongly positive impression of: quality, style, attention to details, feeling on the wrist.
    There are many micco-brands out there and the level has gotten very high…for some of them. Sergio is one of them. His watches must be on the top.

    Congrats Sergio!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Angel Ruiz (verified owner)

    I love my Direnzo! I’m very happy with my purchase.

  8. Brent (verified owner)

    Excellent watch. Case, bracelet, dial, all high-quality and commensurate with the price. The coating is keeping the watch looking great so far.

    End links are very well-articulated for a good fit on smaller wrists. AR coating is very good.

    The smaller dial printing is a little light and not perfectly crisp, but certainly not defective or distracting.

    Sergio was great to deal with for the minor issue that occurred from shipping. Very responsive and exactly the kind of service you expect from a passionate owner-designer of a microbrand.

    Very very pleased with the watch, service, and someone doing an honest and well-designed integrated bracelet watch.

  9. Nathan Ryan (verified owner)

    A beautifully designed and executed watch, oozes with style and superbly made.

  10. Andreas Smith (verified owner)

  11. Ethan M. (verified owner)

  12. Denny P. (verified owner)

    This fantastic watch was delivered quickly and it is a superb addition to my collection.

  13. Kelvin C. (verified owner)

    This timepiece is very nicely crafted! The details are very well finished and the dial is very beautifully made with a 1 piece dial.

    The watch keeps me intrigued each time I look at it! Looking forward to more of such nicely crafted timepieces by Sergio! 🙂

  14. Alf aus MA (verified owner)

    A watch, I was unpatiently waiting for. When it arrived, I was flabbergasted:
    But – a few minor issues that need being considered in future models:
    * The date in the window sits not correctly every day (depending on the number). Maybe only fractures of a millimeter, but its disturbing (me).
    * The lume is good but far from perfect, as promised by Sergio.
    * The accuracy of the movement (after all, its a Sellita SW 200-1 in the “Elaboré” execution) is disappointing. I know the specs of this movement, but all watches with this movement I had up to now, were better by far. Examples:
    – Davosa Ternos Ceramic Automatic: + 12 s/7 d (=1.7 s/d)
    – Direnzo DRZ 04 Mondial: + 70 s/7 d (=10 s/d).
    That’s within the specs, sure, but nevertheless bad. Maybe I’ve got a “lemon” or a “Montagsmodell”?
    * Trimming the bracelet was not really that easy; Sergio had fastened the screws VERY tightly, so it needed a lot of force to undo them.

    Please, guys, don’t misunderstand me: The DRZ 04 is a wonderfully designed watch, a “Hingucker” as we say in German. And the accuracy of the movement will maybe adjusted by the master (SGD) himself?


  15. Richard M. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the design & finishing of the watch. The dial and hands combination is stunning. Unfortunately I have been unable to wear the watch as I have had problems trying to remove the screw pins on the bracelet & clasp to resize to my wrist. Not been an issue in the past but will taking this one to a jeweller for resizing.
    7/7 Just an update regarding the pins. The jeweller I took the watch to said the screw/pins are a match for Raymond Weil tools. Hope that helps anyone with the same issue. Now a proud owner & ‘wearer’ of a DRZ 04.

  16. Johan (verified owner)

    Fantastic looking and well made watch!

  17. Craig

    My girlfriend bought me a watch. I was worried. She’d threatened to buy me a watch before. I thought it was because she wanted to break up with me. Buying someone who’s picky, nay, hypercritical and obsessive about watches is always a bad idea. It would be like me buying her pants. Stereotypes aside, men should NEVER buy women pants. And a person should probably never buy their partner a watch, unless they are 100% certain it’s a watch they want.

    My girlfriend remembered me saying at some point in the past, “hey, this looks neat.” about this watch but I didn’t mention it ever again. I’d pretty much forgotten about it.

    So then she bought me a watch based on a passing comment made once several months ago. Does she not love me?

    Turns out she does. And there’s not a thing wrong with this watch. For half a second, as I tried to remember why I had been attracted to the DRZ-04, I got caught up on the integrated bracelet. What? What if I don’t like it? I can’t change it!!! Screw that. And then the butterfly clasp. Again, what!!!! what if it doesn’t fit?

    Then I found the deployment clasp with more microadjust. Well, that’s pretty smart. And I adjusted with the butterfly clasp, and it fit perfectly. And then I wore it for a couple of days. Why would I ever want to 1) use the deployment clasp, or 2) change it to anything else anyway?

    The finishes are perfect. The bracelet, well, don’t worry about being “stuck” with it. Worry about why all your other bracelets aren’t this good. White is the best colour. The blue lume is lovely though a bit underwhelming, but all lume is underwhelming after 20 minutes or so, so…..

    If my girlfriend wants to break up with me, she’s gone about it the wrong way. I like this watch. A lot.

  18. Hediman Tjandra (verified owner)

    Very Gorgeous and very comfortable…

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a great watch and I’m very happy to have bought it. I had some doubts by purchasing it just by images online and a few Youtube reviews, but I’m glad I did purchase this watch.

    Especially outside the white dial really comes to live in the sun, the watch is very stylish in itself with the single piece dial. The butterfly clasp really gives it for me an extra touch to the flair an classiness of the watch.

    Next to the design elements I’m happy with the ordering and delivery process. Pre-ordered the watch and was in the loop with updates. Sergio/ Direnzo is responsive to questions and easy to reach in case you have any.

    Looking forward to what else is in store. 🙂

  20. Richard Menlove (verified owner)

    Very pleased

  21. julien (verified owner)

  22. Jonathan W. (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the watch. The bracelet wears comfortably and the dial is gorgeous. Though in the future, a fine quality wooden box would be a bonus to all owners. Cheers.

  23. Frederic Andonian (verified owner)

    Superbe montre.

  24. Mark Miller (verified owner)

    Another beautiful timepiece from Direnzo, White Dial is stunningly elegant, fit and finish are top drawer, accuracy is chronometer worthy. Can’t wait for the next offering.

  25. Chris S. (verified owner)

    A well finished and beautiful watch

  26. Steinar (verified owner)

    This is an excellent watch! I got a perfect fit with the butterflyclasp, it is very comfortable on the wrist. Lovely finish on the watch, high quality!

  27. Scott Perkins (verified owner)

    Beautiful. Classic yet unique. Perfect. The DRZ 04 white and limited edition meteorite right now are my favorite sub-$1000 watches out of the ~100 I own. All colorways look magnificent, but I had to stop at two for now. Bravo, Sergio.

  28. Adam S. (verified owner)

    The styling and finishing of the Mondial is simply incredible. One of the best feeling watches on the wrist.

  29. George (verified owner)

    Another spectacular effort by Sergio. The DRZ 04 is a masterpiece of simple elegance. An innovative design executed with the best materials and right to your wrist. Do yourself a favor and grab one of these timepieces before they are gone. The entire experience is drama-free and effortless. Hopefully soon we will be reading YOUR review!!

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nearly perfect. Under certain sun conditions difficult to read.

  31. Darren K. (verified owner)

    I was expecting a lot from this watch and I’m pleased to say it is even better than my expectations. The style, fit and finish are top notch.

  32. Jesper (verified owner)

    Fantastic timepiece. Like it a lot.

  33. Cole Buczek (verified owner)

    Beautiful timepiece, and very much worth the wait.

  34. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with my watch. It is more beautiful in real life than the pictures. The finishing is very high quality. The purchasing and shipping by Direnzo’s team was smooth and on time. I really can’t rate my experience highly enough. I was nervous buying a watch unseen and on pre order. But there were no issues at all in when it arrived and how the watch compared to the images.

  35. Charles Dirienzo (verified owner)

    What a spectacular watch. The packaging and presentation were wonderful as well. I get many compliments on this piece. If the name was only spelled “correctly” LOL…

  36. Phillip Shum (verified owner)

  37. Andreas (verified owner)

    Great watch, exquisit execution….really happy with it!

  38. Van (verified owner)

    when i got an alert to say that my watch had finally been delivered. I raced home from work in great anticipation. I first got wind of the Direnzo Mondial browsing Youtube and the Mondial White dial was the watch that instantly caught my eye. Right there and then I went to the website and purchased it knowing it would be a long couple months wait.

    Now that I have it, the wait was more then worth it. The sleekness of the concave white dial and the black bordered hour markers, eye catching, easy to read. The way the integrated lugs seamless tapers to the bracelet and is neat and tidy on the wrist especially when using the butter fly clasp. Oh while we are on about the clasp, you actually get a choice (Saaay what) I did not expect that. Adjusting the date and time felt super smooth and taking the links out of the bracelet honestly it was the easiest I have ever had to adjust a bracelet.

    Really loved the little knick knacks that came in the box, a watch roll, badge and hand written note saying “Hope you love your Mondial”, yes sir I do.

    Overall, very good looking watch, finishing and execution is fantastic! Quality is all there. Just superb.

    • sergio (store manager)

      Thank you so much Van! I’m very glad you love it! Sergio

  39. Lee

    Thank you for the well-made watch. The finish is excellent and feels more than an overweight watch with a balance of weight. I’m touched by the additional buckle, badge, and handwritten letter. You must be the best watchmaker. Keep up the good work, please.

    • sergio (store manager)

      Thank you so much!

  40. Ralph Buurman (verified owner)

    I received my white Mondial on 18/6 and it’s a stunner. I know it’s going to get a lot of wrist time this summer… I also own and love a black DRZ-03 Eclipse but I have to say that this Mondial feels like a step up the quality ladder. It’s such a crisp and versatile watch!
    Design: 10/10
    Build: 9/10

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