Pre-sale campaign launching on February 10th, 2024, at 15:00 CET. Delivery is scheduled for May/June 2024

Welcome to Direnzo Watches, where timeless elegance meets retro-futuristic innovation. We’re thrilled to present our latest creation, the DRZ 06 Wandering Star, our premier hand-wound small seconds timepiece.

The Wandering Star is a very special watch; it features a completely new and unique case design inspired by our nostalgic automotive principles, combined with a striking, stunning dial and a ‘mystery’ seconds hand.

We wanted to produce a hand-wound timepiece, and we love small seconds watches, but we simply couldn’t do it like a ‘normal’ one. We came up with the idea of producing a ‘mystery’ seconds hand, a technique already used and known in some watches during the 60s but with the addition of a base of Superluminova. This means that now the red dot or ‘Wandering Star’ is a floating point that plays with light. The result is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasant.

The Swiss Made DRZ 06 is an elegant timepiece, and we carefully chose three different tones for this model: black, blue, and green, all no-date models in order to keep them perfectly balanced.

The precise hand-wound movement ensures accurate timekeeping and exceptional durability, combining vintage-inspired design with modern functionality.

Join us on this horological journey as we unveil the DRZ 06 wandering star, a tribute to the past, designed for the present, and destined to become a cherished heirloom of the future.

Sergio M. Godoy Di Renzo, Founder


With leather strap:

Pre-sale price: 750 chf
Retail price: 810 chf

With metal bracelet:

Pre-sale price: 780 chf
Retail price: 840 chf

Note: You can later purchase the bracelet (90 CHF) or the leather strap (65 CHF) separately. Both options are compatible with the DRZ 02R Aerolite

There will be 3 color variants (no-date only) 

  •  Blue with white BGW9 Super-LumiNova
  •  Black with white BGW9 Super-LumiNova
  •  Green with white BGW9 Super-LumiNova
  • Note: Your timepiece will be shipped from Switzerland


  • Case material: 316L with scratch resistance coating (HV 800)
  • Crystal: Flat sapphire with anti-reflective coating
  • Water resistant: 10atm
  • Diameter without crown: 38mm
  • Lug to lug: 46mm
  • Height: 10.8mm (Including sapphire)
  • Case back: screw down with sapphire crystal
  • Movement: Hand wound Sellita SW-216-1 Elaboré with incabloc shock protection system
  • Dial: sandwich dial, sunburst fumé
  • Crown: non screw down
  • Bracelet: 316L with scratch resistance coating (HV 800)  screw down pins
  • Clasp: Butterfly and optional folding clasp
  • Included half links


The dial’s bowl shape was first introduced with the DRZ 02 back in 2018. This type of dial helps to create a seamless continuity between dial and case, it also creates a deep sense of depth and 3D effect on the whole watch. This kind of dial manufacture requires a CNC modelling process, unlike that used to produce a more conventional and simpler flat disc.

Bracelet / straps :

You’ll have the option to purchase your DRZ 06 Wandering Star either with our German-made vegetable-tanned leather straps (black or light brown) or a 316L stainless steel bracelet. This bracelet is extremely comfortable. Your DRZ 06 will come with included half links and an optional folding clasp with  microadjustments and the proper end links so you can swap the butterfly easily in case you prefer to use your 06 that way. The extra clasp will come with the scratch-resistant coating as well (and of course, an engraved logo). Both straps are compatible with the DRZ 02R Aerolite. The bracelet of the DRZ 06 is exactly the same as the DRZ 02R, except that now we have added facets to the edges of the links to soften them and make them more pleasant on the wrist.

Swiss Made:

Throughout the world, the reputation of Swiss-made watches is unrivaled. Know-how, impeccable quality, aesthetic prowess, technical innovation: the indication ‘Swiss made’ reflects all this and much more. Assembled in Switzerland, the DRZ 06 ‘Wandering Star’ sports the Swiss hand-wound movement Sellita SW-216-1 and comes in an Elaboré version with an Incabloc protection system, a high-quality and accurate mechanism for three hands with 38 hours of power reserve and a 28,800 A/h (4 Hz) frequency. Aside from the assembly and quality control undertaken in our Swiss atelier, we are proud to check every timepiece ourselves.


  • d.brown6996 says:

    Hello Sergio,

    Do you have any updates about when the watches will ship?

    • sergio says:

      Yes, we’ll start shipping on May 27, we have been sending updates, if you are so kind please subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates. Thanks!

  • JB says:

    This is an amazing design, but would
    like to know if the DRZ06 has a
    ghost position? If so, could it be
    modified before shipping?

  • Vincenzo Miceli says:

    Ciao Sergio, il modello 06 e’ un opera d’arte. Complimenti per il design.

    Gia’ ordinato!


  • vincent.roussel50 says:

    Merci Sergio pour notre échange téléphonique de ce matin.

    Encore une fois, montre magnifique qui a absolument tout pour plaire !!!

    Je vous souhaite un grand succès bien mérité…


  • Matthew Ross says:

    I just want to day I am excited by this! I really like the Mondial my wife purchased for me and the Eclipse I found on Chrono24. You really envision fabulous designs and look forward to this one and what you come up with next!

  • daniele says:

    Buongiorno Sergio,
    Sono novizio nel mondo degli orologi ma dopo diversi studi e ricerche ho conosciuto il vostro marchio e ne sono rimasto veramente colpito dal suo design originale.
    Sto seriamente valutando la possibilità di comprare il mio primo orologio e questo nuovo modello che ha presentato nella versione blu ha attirato la mia attenzione però sarei indeciso anche con il DRZ04 Mondial Blu, lo rilancerete?

    • sergio says:

      Ciao e grazie! Suppongo che tu intenda l’originale DRZ 04 in blu scuro e non il Tiffany azzurro (attualmente disponibile). Stiamo effettivamente lavorando per rilanciare il Mondial ma probabilmente entro la fine dell’anno ma non abbiamo ancora definito i colori. Lo 06 è un orologio molto speciale, spero di poter contare con te! Sergio

  • Keaton says:

    Great style, any plans for a purple dial version?

  • Marcel says:

    Can you place me on the list for the green DRZ 06, please?

  • Larry says:

    Hello Sergio,

    Would it be possible to post a picture of the watch on a wrist, either real or simulated? My only concern is the size of the watch; it’s a little smaller than my other watches and I’m concerned that it may be too small for my wrist.

    Seeing a picture of the watch on a wrist may help assuage my concerns. Thank you.

  • Patrick says:

    Green Please!

  • fredhphoto67 says:

    Hello Sergio
    In one Word : wouaw !
    Your DRZ 06 seems to be so beautiful ! Congratulations for this job, and thanks to give us this wonderful watch.
    I hope that I really have the chance to buy one piece and place my order … I never had this opportunity so far. Hope that a large number of DRZ06 will exist ?
    Thank U and best regards from a french man from France

    • sergio says:

      Hello Fred and thank you very much for your kind message! yes this time I’m producing more and I’m sure you’ll be able to place your order without issues. Merci beaucoup. Sergio

  • NSda says:

    Does the metal bracelet fit small wrist? My wrist size is about 5.5 inches or 14 cm.

  • Nate Birkholz says:

    Stunning. Too many good watches launching in February, hard to budget. But these are wonderful. Is this going to be a standard model in the catalog or is it a limited edition?

  • Rob says:

    Hi Sergio,

    I’d like some clarification…
    1) Does the option with the metal bracelet (780 CHF) only come with the bracelet and no leather strap?
    2) Does the option with the leather strap (750 CHF) come with only one leather strap?
    3) For the leather strap, is there an option for a shorter/smaller length? I have 15cm/6 inch wrists


    • sergio says:

      Hello Rob, for 780 chf you get only the bracelet, for 750 only the leather strap. This option comes with only one leather, you can add a second leather or bracelet for the extra cost. We have only one size leather strap. Thanks!

      • Rob says:

        Thanks for the reply. So does the leather strap fit the wrist size as stated (without overhang)? This info will help the decision on whether to choose the bracelet or the leather strap.

        • sergio says:

          Hello Rob, you might need to add an extra hole to the leather strap. I have a 16.5cm wrist and I still have one hole, meaning the minimum size is approx. 15.7cm. You can always go with the leather and add a bracelet in the future. Hope my answer helps. thank you!

  • rebekah hertzberg says:

    beautiful but beyond my financial means. reminds of a one-of-a-kind fossil watch i bought in the 90s with a turquoise dial and stainless steel band that was stolen from me about 15 years after.

  • Tony says:

    Stunning design just too small for my wrist. The new trend of shrinking sizes is killing me as they use look like child size on my wrist, such a shame.

  • lmm33441 says:

    Hello Sergio,

    This is a beautiful watch! I am seriously considering purchasing one. Is it possible to provide an estimated length of time that the SuperLuminova glows? I will be wearing this watch a lot in the dark and an estimated length of time (even a rough estimate) would be helpful.

    Thank you, sir.

  • Clément says:

    This watch is absolutely exquisite, design and proportions are just perfect. Great initiative to put a manual movement inside this beauty. Sergio Direnzo is for watches what Sergio Pininfarina is for cars design. RESPECT

    • sergio says:

      WOW, thank you so much for comparing me to Pininfarina! lol I’m a big fan of their designs!

      • Clément says:

        Bonjour Sergio et meilleurs vœux pour 2024,
        Ma remarque est sincère. La subtilité des lignes et des courbes enveloppées dans un design élégant et épuré, je trouve la comparaison avec le grand Pininfarina assez logique.
        Merci pour ce début d’année qui démarre en beauté, j’espére pouvoir mettre la main sur votre dernière création.
        Trés bonne continuation à vous.

  • Chris Grieves says:

    Hello Sergio
    Proud owner of your DRZ03v1 launched as we were getting locked down. Seems so long ago now, you did some kind of job getting that done!
    Back again at last and will take a green Wandering Star on bracelet. But it seems the leather will not go small enough for my 16cm wrist, based on video reviews I’ve seen, and it looks great on leather too. Can you confirm I will be able to fit a standard 20mm strap of which I have quite a number now?

    • sergio says:

      Dear Chris, thank you so much for your support on my KS campaign! Yes, it will fit any 20mm strap, but I think the defualt leather should work on your wrist, I have a 16.5 cm wrist and I think I have still one more hole. Either way adding an extra hole on leather is quite easy. Thank you!

  • Marko says:

    Love this …. How can I pre order?

  • Mohsen says:

    Hi Sergio,
    I suggest a line to connect the centre of the second hand’s disc to the red dot to make it look like the lollipops around the dial.
    (It will be a bit like the seconds hand of Swiss Railroad clocks / Mondaine watch).

    • Monica says:

      That would defeat the purpose of the floating star idea. Maybe, when you create your own watch brand you could design it that way?

  • Antonio says:

    Spero di riuscire a comprarne uno….Dial blu e braccialetto…giá mi sono sfuggite un paio di tue creazioni che mi piacevano tanto…ma da allora seguo i vostri passi….a volte l acquisto di un orologio mi sembra una caccia alla 🦊 ahahahaha….10 febbraio….me lo segno

  • Bill says:

    Another stunning design with the Direnzo design details many of us have come to love and appreciate. Well done Sergio.

    May I ask how many of each variant will be made? I ask as I was interested in purchasing the DRZ02 aerolite however was not able to do so as they sold out so quickly.

    Thank you very much and I anxiously await this release!


  • Anthony Scott says:

    Mr Di Renzo,

    I’m going to be absolutely FUMING if I don’t get my grubby hands on one of these beauties at release.

    Fantastic work, sir. I’m incredibly excited for what you have planned for the future. Cheers!

  • Mohsen says:

    Hi Sergio,
    Very nice design on the dial and bracelet. Nice work as always.
    I only think the plastic disc of the seconds hand is inconsistent with the rest of the watch and makes me think “why” the seconds hand is made this way, reminds me of moon face watches.
    I am looking forward to add a Direnzo watch to my collection.
    Thank you,

  • Richard Attridge says:

    Hi Sergio,

    I’m really liking the look of this watch, and have only just discovered your timepieces!

    I really fancy going for one in green, and will be hoping to get one if possible.

    Kind regards,

  • Ludovic Faroult says:

    Hello Sergio

    How to book one ? Blue with black leather.

    Best from France

    • sergio says:

      Merci Ludovic, They’ll be available on my website from February 10th, you can also be part of the private facebook group “direnzo watches club” and get early access. thanks!

      • Kit Brady says:

        HI Sergio
        Love the wandering star and all the lume. Is there a list I can sign up for a an email reminder on feb 10th. Would also be nice if a link to buy was included. Make it easy and I might buy 2.

  • Darryl says:

    Sergio this watch looks amazing. I love the blue face with blue super – LumiNova.

    In the video it looks great with the blue super lumiNova. Could you confirm this will be blue super LumiNova with an approx glow time after exposure to light.

    One photo of the black face shows the watch as a white super LumiNova.

    In the description it says white super LumiNova.

    Blue with white BGW9 Super-LumiNova
    Black with white BGW9 Super-LumiNova
    Green with white BGW9 Super-LumiNova

    • sergio says:

      Dear Darryl, yes they all use white BGW9 SuperLuminova that golws blueish in the dark (which is normal and all my previous watches glows the same) so during day it looks white and blueish in shadows. Thanks

  • Andy says:

    Please make a rubber strap and also make the straps quick release. If you could retro sell quick release straps for other models it would be a game changer

  • Zoldar-9 says:

    Attractive and lots of appeal. I’ll buy one they’re available 👍🏼

  • Craig says:

    Stunning, as expected. The colours are well considered and I would have a hard time choosing just one. Nice proportions. Great looking on the bracelet or leather. Another winner.

  • Pablo says:

    Great job, Sergio! Love it!

  • Dr.Silverio says:

    Beautiful watch! I will be in the preorder list.

  • Beautiful Design, Sergio.

    You’ve done it again!

    I’ll be back….

  • Pawel Szoldruk says:

    Another gem in your portfolio 👏 I’m in front of next year budget – so I know what will be on the “expected expense” list 🙂

  • emmanuel prevosteau says:

    Bonjour Sergio, encore une belle création, le bracelet sera le même que celui de la drz02? Si,oui, les superbes bracelets en cuir seront ils dispo en spare ?😋

  • Mark says:

    I’ll buy one when you sell 🙂

  • Eric Roussel says:

    Hello Sergio,
    I am more than interested in possessing this beautiful DRZ 06 in the blue colouring with the metal bracelet.
    I would like to know if there is a way that one can be placed on a waiting list or do I have to wait till the 10 February.

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