Pre-sale campaign: launching October 30th 2021 (20.00 CEST)
Delivery during February 2022


Following the successful release and delivery of my previous models, I’m now excited to bring you my fifth timepiece:

The DRZ 05 “Solaris”

The idea behind this new model is to create my first dual crown diver with Direnzo’s DNA.

My goal is to offer a new way of tracking time with the use of an inner bezel but without the use of any typography (15-30-45)

The DRZ 05 Solaris is the continuation of the DRZ 03 Eclipse’s design process, but with new exciting details such as the case, which will be completely new and slightly smaller and a new bracelet.



The dial is produced in two parts: an inner matt disc and sunburst outer circle (subtly fumé). The dial comes with applied indices and a calendar disc positioned at 6 o’clock. The 05 will be also available in a meteorite limited edition option. The inner rotating ring has a curved section, reminiscent of the previous models’ bowl shape, which is one of the signatures of the brand.


The DRZ 05 “Solaris” features a 316L stainless steel BOR (bed of rice) bracelet with a folding clasp that has 6 micro adjustments. This bracelet is extremely comfortable and gives the watch a vintage vibe that suits it very nicely. The case features drilled lugs to facilitate the interchange of straps.

There will be available for this model as an option our very appreciated German made dark brown leather straps with vintage style stitches and the rubber straps.

There will be 7 variants: 

– Black with BGW9 Super-LumiNova (date / no date)

– Blue with BGW9 Super-LumiNova (date / no date)

– Red with BGW9 Super-LumiNova (date / no date)

– Meteorite with BGW9 Super-LumiNova (limited to 60 units, all date models) name of the Meteorite : Muonionalusta.

NOTE: No date timepieces will come without ghost position on crown!

Both crowns are screw-down

Swiss Made:

Throughout the world the reputation of Swiss made watches is unrivalled. Know-how, impeccable quality, aesthetic prowess, technical innovation: the indication “Swiss made” reflects all this, and much more. Assembled in Switzerland, the DRZ 05 “Solaris” sports the Swiss automatic movement Sellita SW-200-1 and comes in Elaboré version with an Incabloc protection system, a high quality and accurate mechanism for three hands with 38 hours of power reserve and a 28’800 A/h (4 Hz) frequency. Aside from the assembly and quality control undertaken in our Swiss atelier, each watch is inspected personally by me before being dispatched, allowing a final check to be carried out on the movement’s precision and options.


Case material                                        316L Stainless steel

Crystal                                                    Flat sapphire with anti-reflective coating

Water resistant                                     20atm

Diameter without crown                     39mm

Lug to lug                                               47mm

Height                                                     12.5mm (Including sapphire)

Case back                                               Screw down

Strap size                                               20mm

Movement                                              Automatic: Sellita SW-200-1 elaboré with incabloc shock protection system

Dial                                                          Matt (meteorite) or sunburst fumé with applied indices

Pre-sale campaign: October 30th 2021 (20.00 CEST)
Estimate delivery: during February 2022

Standard model pricing:
Pre-sale price: 650 chf
Retail price: 720 chf
Limited edition (Only 60 units) meteorite pricing:
Pre-sale price: 820 chf
Retail price: 910 chf

Your timepiece will be shipped from Switzerland 


  • Ronan says:

    Hey Sergio! Should we expect a Solaris v2 soon, or be quiet and keep enjoying this gorgeous watch?

  • Lawrence Grupp says:

    Sergio, well done, well done, indeed. I am loving the Solaris 05 and ordered the meteorite version.It seems like you have thought of every detail in stunning fashion. I do wish you had a display case back to show off the lovely decorated SW200 elabore’ movement but, that said, would you please explain the beautiful rendering displayed. Thank you, sir…

    • sergio says:

      Thank you Lawrence! I believe you got the last one? The case-back…I’m working on my latest models with the Space/Sea theme, the idea was to have either an astronaut fighting an alien or a diver (from the 30’s) fighting and Octopus. But I have to confess after reading comments maybe it was not extremely well done… Thanks again! Sergio

      • Lawrence Grupp says:

        Sergio, I knew I got one of the last meteorite versions, but I did not realize that it was the last one. Wow, how lucky am I??? (lol)
        So, what rendering were you trying to express on the case back of this model? Are you thinking of a redesign? Like so many others, I am looking forward to receiving this beauty to brighten up the February winter doldrums here in New England USA.

        • sergio says:

          Not really about re designing, it will be now part of the history of the watch/brand. You’ll let me know yout thoutghs once you get it!

  • Bruno says:

    Buonasera, vorrei sapere se per l’ acquisto fatto dall’ Italia devo aggiungere le tasse (IVA e vari).
    Il meteorite é bellissimo.

    • sergio says:

      Grazie! Spedisco dalla Svizzera con Fedex, probabilmente avrai dazi di importazione all’arrivo) la spedizione è inclusa nel prezzo. Grazie!

  • Giampiero Di Luca says:

    Buon giorno
    Vorrei poter acquistare in prevendita il DRZ05 Solaris con quadrante in meteorite al prezzo di 820 CHF come devo fare?

  • Javier Maciá says:

    Hola Sergio,
    He conocido Direnzo gracias a nuestro buen amigo Pepe Brú, estoy interesado en adquirir alguno de la nueva edición para España, puedes contactar conmigo para explicarme el procedimiento?

  • Juan Carlos Cahue says:

    Beatiful coleccion of watches.
    I’ll be waiting laughing.

  • Darren says:


    Pre-Order price, does the final price of 650chf include any tax? I am from the Uk and therefore trying to work out whether I will be paying double tax on the DRZ05


  • Dan says:


    Interested in the Red no date is there going to be a commitment time period with a deposit or what ?


  • Marvin says:

    I have to say, this looks very unique and beautiful at the same time. I’m hoping to see this design with no internal bezel and a 3 o clock screw down crown and more curved lugs in the future.

  • Wayne says:

    Already an amazing looking watch but would be that bit nicer with a 12 hour rotating bezel.

  • Steven Malloy says:

    Looking forward to another great Direnzo design. I have to go for a meteor version this time! Fantastic with the read date accent!

  • Ck says:

    Is the shade of red same as in the Drz03?

  • Thomas Voight says:

    Hey Sergio. I am in for the meteor dial! So,put me down.
    Questions 1) will there be additional straps available for purchase at the time of launch?
    2) Does this timepiece come with a leather or canvas watch roll? I really love the embossed eather one that came with the 02′
    Thanks, Tom voight now Tommythetimekeeper

  • Eugenia says:

    Sorry!!! I have seen that all the information are indicated: Excuse me! Thank you, Eugenia

  • Eugenia says:

    Dear Sergio
    Thank you for your new creation. Very nice! I would like to buy a DRZ 05 and I am waiting for the order possibility to open. However, an important question: it seems that the hands and the hour marking are luminous, probably with SuperLuminova. Can we know which SuperLuminova you will use, since there is a variety from C3 (100%) to “Dark Red” (18%), and also the booster X1.
    Many thanks. All the best! Eugenia

  • Adrian M says:

    Wow what a stunner

  • Jan says:

    Really great interpretation of the dual-crown theme! As expected!
    A few questions: is the bezel crown screw-down? And could you add pics of the bracelet clasp? I can’t find an estimated delivery date, shipping already shortly after the pre-order ends?


  • Rick Rabbin says:

    Sergio, are the bracelets quick release?

    • sergio says:

      Nope…but you have drilled lugs!

      • Rick Rabbin says:

        Great. Will the bracelet be easy to size, that is remove links, for those of us with thin wrists? Will we need particular tools for that?

        • sergio says:

          Hi Rick, bracelet has screw links, it should be easy to adjust with a 1.2 mm screwdriver (like those used on computers) if you don’t have one try to buy a good one. Either way is always a better idea that your local watchmaker adjust it for you (and is very cheap) thanks

  • Kane says:

    I love this, especially the bracelet. Great job Sergio! I don’t see the “Swiss made” indication on the dial. Just a little detail but that’s something I like with the Swiss watches. Will that be added to the production version?

  • Thomas Vasseur says:

    Hi Sergio,

    A double crown model is not my initial preferred choice but, it seems that your interpretation of any classic left in your imagination and design transcends anything and leads to beauty; which is what attracts me in essence:).

    I already “own” (though I don’t like the word) beauty with your previous Mondial model.

    I have recently pre-ordered the Spider model from Nivada because of its 70’s atmosphere.

    Now, I have until October to sell a couple of my watches to stand in line for this one:).

    A question that I have asked you before: Have you ever considered designing a classic, small-second model. I trust you would deliver a beauty.

    Your are talented Sergio and this is pleasing all of us expressing our appreciation here on this page.

    I wish you all the best,


    • sergio says:

      Thank you Thomas, yes I remember our conversation and I do think in a near future will be offering a small seconds model! Thanks again for your kind words and support!

      • Thomas says:

        You’re most welcome Sergio. All those compliments you are getting are well deserved.

        Great to hear about the small seconds model:). I am going to start trying to guess what will go through your creative mind until then. All I can say is I already want one:)!

  • Nat Ryan says:

    Sergio, another stunning design, I missed the DRZ02, (maybe a limited run on those again ), I have the DRZ 03 and 04, will be adding the Red DRZ 05 to my collection when on offer, regards Nat from Australia.

  • Adam says:

    Sergio, is there any story behind the name Solaris for this watch? I do have my own unmistakable coincidence in mind, but I’m intrigued by the name choice here. I will buy the meteorite and the black for sure!

    • sergio says:

      I do love the russian movie from the 70’s and from the 03 I’m teasing with the space theme…the case back is as well an astronaut fighting against an alien…cheers!

  • Matt says:

    Hi Sergio and the Direnzo team. Absolutely love the new design. I noticed there aren’t any pics of the bracelet clasp in this release. Can I strongly recommend considering one with on-the-fly adjustment? This would be the cherry on top of the icing on the delicious cake that is a Direnzo watch. All the best, Matt.

  • John says:

    Is the black a true black, the photos make it appear like a slate grey or even brownish? Its difficult to figure out from those pictures?

  • Joe Yearby says:

    Looking forward to seeing this

  • Peter Wallace says:

    Beautiful watch and no doubt will be up to your usual high standards .But for me who has all your other watches to date it look too similar to last 2 models. I Would have liked to see you do something a little different this time round. I wish you all the success with this latest diver.

  • Jacob says:

    Hi, Sergio,
    I have been tempted but managed to hold off on purchasing one of your watches, though I have a feeling that will end on October 30th. The 05 is beautiful. Now I just have to decide between the meteorite and the red…
    Again, my compliments.

  • The Watch Monster says:

    These are very special, probably the best looking watches I’ve seen this year. I’ll definitely be buying one. Or two! It’s impossible to choose which one I like the most.

  • Billy Grant says:

    This new design is again like all your releases absolutely beautiful.
    Definitely the red one for me.
    Well done Sergio on another stunning watch.

  • Emir says:

    Dear DiRenzo Watches Team,
    I’m very excited to know the news about the pre-sale on October 30th. Could you provide me details on how I can order your watch on this date?
    I’ll appreciate your response,
    With best regards,

  • Thomas MOLL says:

    Hi Sergio,

    As you know, there were design decisions, which resulted in me not being completely on board with the DRZ04/Mondial. In contrast, I think the DRZ05/Solaris is a total success. Kudos for containing the height and L2L and for what seems to be a very nice BoR integration.

    Am I right in supposing that the inner dial and the bezel are always black? What about the lume match between indexes and hands (which was problematic with the DRZ03/Eclipse)?


    • sergio says:

      Hi Thomas, inner disc and bezel are black, dark red and dark blue. Hands and indecies are filled with SL and are quiet good, on the contrary the inner bezel is printed with SL and won’t last too long (like the 03) thanks!

  • Bill McKibbin says:

    I like your designs very much and am looking forward to 30 October.

  • Peter J Buehner says:

    Stunning watch!! Another beautiful design! Bravo.

  • clyde mills says:

    I love the look. I may go for the meteorite.

  • Alan Lucraft says:

    Gorgeous, just totally and utterly gorgeous……….

    You have done it again Sergio, Solaris is superb.



  • Michael Pritz says:

    I love the design of your watches and have been following Direnzo for awhile, waiting for the perfect watch to add to my collection. The DRZ05 is just spectacular and what I have been waiting for; however, have you given any consideration to adding a 12 hour bezel as an option?

    The Nodus Duality has this; however, the Duality’s dimensions and design make the watch wear large on the wrist (and the design is nowhere near as interesting as what Direnzo is doing), whereas the dimensions (and did I mention that the spectacular design) of the 05 would be perfect for a 2 time zone watch.

    Love everything that Direnzo is doing!


    Michael Pritz

    • sergio says:

      Hi Michael’ thank you very much for your feedback, on the contrary I have started production a couple of months ago and I won’t be able to produce a different inner bezel design. But it’s a good idea and will consider it for the future, thanks

      • Michael Pritz says:

        Well the black dial DRZ05 is just too lovely to pass on, so I guess I’ll have to fulfill my 12 hour bezel need elsewhere.

  • Sam K says:

    This will be my 3rd Direnzo. I started with 03, and this is such a perfect continuation. Well done Sergio ?

  • David Todd says:

    Looks nice!
    What is the weight with and without the steel bracelet?

  • Chris says:

    Phenomenal Sergio! A superb culmination of your design DNA. Count me in… but the choices! Usually I’m “no date” whenever possible, but it’s integrated so well! Just wow.

  • Ryan William Corona says:

    Its absolutely beautiful. I would add one aspect to it. The little pin on top of the second hand right in the middle, I would put a small smooth colored cap. Theres an opportunity there

  • Wolfgang Jappel says:

    Hi Sergio!
    Is it possible to reserve the meteorite in advance? I am afraid to come too late
    Wolfgang Jappel

  • Ondřej says:

    Stunning timepiece!

  • Frank says:

    you did it again. I thought, this is it, when I purchased the DRZ02 – there will be nothing to compete.
    I then bought the DRZ03 – and faced the fact that it is every time hard to decide either I will choose for the day.
    And now – the DRZ05 is again just….stunning!
    Congratulation! I have to sleep over a night before I decide, even though I know already what the decision will be 🙂


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