Pre-sale campaign: launching March 20th 2021 (17.00 gmt)
Delivery: during June 2021

Following the successful release and delivery of my previous models, I’m now excited to bring you my fourth timepiece: The DRZ 04 “Mondial”.The arrival of jet planes revolutionized the world of air travel, a Boeing 707 was able to travel from Paris to New York in eight hours with 180 passengers – twice as many as a propeller-driven Super Constellation, which took over 14 hours for the same journey. The DRZ 04 “Mondial” draws inspiration from this exciting time.



The dial’s bowl shape was first introduced with the DRZ 02 back in 2018. This type of dial helps to create a seamless continuity between dial and case, it also creates a deep sense of depth and 3D effect on the whole watch. This kind of dial manufacture requires a CNC modelling process, unlike that used to produce a more conventional and simpler flat disc. The dials come in either matt (white or meteorite) or sunburst fumé with applied indices. The calendar disc comes in a matching dial color. The 04 comes in a Meteorite limited edition option as well.


The DRZ 04 “Mondial” features a 316L stainless steel integrated bracelet (all links are articulated). This bracelet is extremely comfortable. Of course, this watch is my personal homage to one of the greatest watch designers of all times: Gérald Genta, who designed iconic timepieces such as Patek Philippe’s Nautilus, or Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak.

Your DRZ 04 Mondial will come with an extra folding clasp with 3 microadjustments and the proper endlinks so you can swap the butterfly easily in case you prefer to use your 04 that way. The extra clasp will come with the scratch resistant coating as well (and of course engraved logo)

There will be 5 variants, all with date positioned at 6 o’clock. 

– Grey with BGW9 Super-LumiNova

– Blue with BGW9 Super-LumiNova

– White with BGW9 Super-LumiNova

– Green with BGW9 Super-LumiNova

– Meteorite with BGW9 Super-LumiNova (limited to 40 units) name of the Meteorite : Muonionalusta.

Swiss Made:

Throughout the world the reputation of Swiss made watches is unrivalled. Know-how, impeccable quality, aesthetic prowess, technical innovation: the indication “Swiss made” reflects all this, and much more. Assembled in Switzerland, the DRZ 04 “Mondial” sports the Swiss automatic movement Sellita SW-200-1 and comes in Elaboré version with an Incabloc protection system, a high quality and accurate mechanism for three hands with 38 hours of power reserve and a 28’800 A/h (4 Hz) frequency. Aside from the assembly and quality control undertaken in our Swiss atelier, each watch is inspected personally by me before being dispatched, allowing a final check to be carried out on the movement’s precision and options.

  • Specifications:
  • Case material                                        316L with scratch resistance coating (HV 800)
  • Crystal                                                    very subtle domed sapphire with anti-reflective coating
  • Water resistant                                     10atm
  • Diameter without crown                    40mm
  • Lug to lug                                              48mm
  • Height                                                    11.9mm (Including sapphire)
  • Case back                                              screw down with sapphire crystal
  • Movement                                             automatic: Sellita SW-200-1 Elaboré with incabloc shock protection system
  • Dial                                                          matt (white and meteorite) or sunburst fumé with applied indices
  • Crown                                                     screw down
  • Bracelet                                                  316L with scratch resistance coating (HV 800)  screw down pins

Pre-sale campaign: March 20th 2021 (17.00 gmt)
Delivery: June 2021

Standard model pricing:
Pre-sale price: 599 chf
Retail price: 720 chf
Limited edition (Only 40 units) meteorite pricing:
Pre-sale price: 750 chf
Retail price: 870 chf

Your timepiece will be shipped from Switzerland 


  • says:

    I think it would be better to improve it to quick release.

  • Gerard says:

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G design, great colors. Still, I think I might just fall for the grey variant. Now we’ve got more than spring to be looking forward to!

  • Raphaël says:

    Superb. I”ll be there on March 20th!

  • Pawel says:

    Oh my God… those are stunning! Sergio You out mastered Yourself!

  • Anthony says:

    Hi Sergio, I am loving my eclipse, will the new release take a deposit or is the full amount due on preorder?

  • Rod Moore says:

    Stunning watch! Love the design but I am torn between the grey and the white dials. Both are my favourites, so I now need to make a choice.

  • Sam K says:

    Blue or Green … ? Or ?

  • Robert S says:

    Lovely watch and bracelet, but I prefer a fold-over clasp. Butterfly is fiddly and harder to adjust.

  • Oscar says:

    Really looking forward to these. Great Job Sergio. It’s going to be hard deciding on just one…

  • Carlos says:

    Great looking pieces!!

  • Wayne Ratliff says:

    That meteorite dial with red pops is calling to me loudly. That is beautiful – but, all the dial choices look great in this run. Very well done.

  • Mateusz says:

    It’s a shame there is no red/burgundy one.

  • Jon Sigurd Smith Johnsen says:

    Very beautiful!

  • Pawel says:

    Sergio, one question.

    Pre-sale will be on 20th or 21st? You have 2 different dates here – please correct it 🙂

  • James Ackner says:

    Looks great, I better start saving. Thanks

  • Larry Grupp says:

    I truly think this is a very beautiful timepiece. That said, I do not see any way to micro adjust the bracelet. not even any half links. Am I missing something, or is this the case?

  • Isaac Menda says:


  • Jerry Harris says:

    While I was hoping you were cooking up a GMT, this looks very clean and appealing.
    I would have jumped on a blood red, since I went grey with the eclipse, but the green is probably calling my name.

  • Will the scratch resistance coating be applied on the bracelet too ?

  • Fabrizio says:

    Il meteorite è semplice spettacolare, complimenti ai designer… vorrei sapere quanto bisogna versare al momento della prevendita… grazie

    • sergio says:

      Cia Fabrizio!
      Standard model pricing:
      Pre-sale price: 599 chf (approx. 620 usd)
      Retail price: 720 chf (approx. 799 usd)
      Limited edition (Only 40 units) meteorite pricing:
      Pre-sale price: 750 chf (approx. 820 usd)
      Retail price: 870 chf (approx. 960 usd)

  • EA says:

    How’s the lume?

  • Franck says:

    Amazing watch. Can’t wait to see a test video. I’ll be there on March 20. Price is VAT included or you have to add the fees ?

  • Edwin says:

    I am in again! 3 out of 4.
    Steady in top 3 favorite micro watch brands.
    EZA- Direnzo-Feynman.
    Keep going.

  • Imbiton says:

    Instead of spring break, I will buy a couple

  • Ian Masterton says:

    Hi Sergio, Are the hands and indices on the white dial variant outlined in black or chrome? Continuing best wishes, Ian.

  • Joab says:

    Lovely watch, you have outdone yourself again Sergio!
    I especially like the Eiffel Tower looking hands.
    Is it sapphire crystal for the display caseback also?
    Any lume shots to share?
    Looking forward to pre-ordering in March.

  • Adam C Hyde says:

    It’s a nice clean design, attractive. My only criticism of the last two DRZ03 watches I bought, is that the date window is too small and the lume is poor. Too bad the date window is the same size again. Missed opportunity not being a GMT watch considering the aviation inspiration. If it were GMT I would probably buy, but as is I won’t. Go with a Selita SW330 please…..

    • Jeroen says:

      Beautiful watch, but you make some valid points. A gmt would be great. The lume in the drz03 is indeed underwhelming. Especially considering it’s a diver. The date size is fine imo.

  • cem says:

    beautiful colors. I need volume discount:)

  • Darren lathrope says:

    Not got a Direnzo yet ,but this looks great .
    Now is my thinking time .
    Well done on a beautiful looking piece.

  • Mark Miller says:

    Just a beautiful design Sergio, all the variants are special, may have to purchase 2. Only concern is the bracelet clasp, not a fan of this style, with no micro-adjustments.

  • Edward Martin says:

    Wow! Absolutely love it, it’s like DRZ-2 and DRZ-3 had a gorgeous baby!
    Definitely see that unique Direnzo styling combined with some homage love, that meteorite version would look sweet! Beside my blood moon. ?

  • Can i ask of you re planning to offer a no date for the Gray version and all others as well?

  • Rich Gibbs says:

    Lovely design Sergio I might just have to pull the trigger on a white dial version. Any chance of a leather strap? The aged tan strap shipped with the DRZ03 is fabulous. It would pair well with this watch.

  • Richa Gibbs says:

    I study Micro brands all the time and your DRZ03 is by far the best. In terms of aesthetics and design inspiration, it punches far above its price bracket.

  • Arsen Melikyan says:

    i want you watch like a millennial wants starbucks

  • Yong Geng Ma says:

    Great looking watches!

  • Gary Hobday says:

    Can’t wait!

  • Big D says:

    I wish that the meteorite version will have it all the way to the edge for 3D look. The rest of the colors do……. too hard to “bend” meteorite?

  • Geordon says:

    The white dial just seems to work so well with this design. Though, I am no fan of the butterfly clasp.

  • Chris says:

    Are planing one with no date?

  • Antonios Agiovlasitis says:

    Congratulations Sergio on another stunning timepiece release! You have managed to strike a balance between paying homage to Genta’s design while giving the piece a distinct peronality of its own, without going overboard on the styling. A true architect’s (arch-builder) piece of work!

  • Rob says:

    These are truly stunning once again. The dial shape and hands are really interesting and unusual.
    As others have commented it’s a shame there’s no red dial but they all look great.
    This one isn’t for me personally as I am put off by the integrated bracelet (makes it difficult to change-up the look) and the butterfly clasp (I find them uncomfortable and they remove the micro adjust).
    Here’s hoping the 05 comes in red with a milled folding clasp and a standard lug width 😉
    All the best.

  • Brian says:

    Beautiful! Would be awesome if you made a rubber strap available as well for those who aren’t able to get a perfect fit with the butterfly clasp.

  • Mac says:

    I’ve had a desire to get a watch with this case style for years. I was very excited when I saw a post about these on WatchUSeek. Unfortunately the butterfly clasp means no sale for you. Bracelets need adjustment. If the bracelet had a clasp with at least 3 rows of holes I would have ordered a white one yesterday.

  • Necati says:

    Such a great evolution on the DNA of the previous versions. I love the retro-futuristic hands and the bowl looks even more concave than the Eclipse (maybe because of the steel bezel?). All models look great, I’m tempted with the grey/meteorite dials (despite having the grey Eclipse). The blue one also looks stunning, like a mini-ocean on the wrist.

    I’m also on the fence regarding the clasp (I’ve got tiny, bony, and hairy wrists) but might gift one to my older brother (large and hairy wrists).

    PS: Sergio, is there any chance the DRZ 05 might come in a smaller shape? Asking for a hairy friend.

  • Bob Jones says:

    Very nice, probably will get the white dial.
    However, I’m not a fan of the red logo on the caseback crystal. I hope it will be removed and added to the rotor, or at least make it black or white.

  • Vladislav says:

    Hello, Sergio!
    I am a big fan of your designs and own two of your watches (DRZ 02 and DRZ 03). I have had thoughts for a while, that it was time for steel sports watch with an integrated bracelet. And here you are with your fourth watch, what a surprise 🙂
    I like the case of the new watch, but I must say there is something I dislike about the dial – hand shape combination. I am very sorry for my guess, but what if:
    – the dial was matt (not only white one) with some bold contrast colors
    -the hands were not skeletonized, but the same shape as on the DRZ02 – matt metal (I do like those F.P. Journe reminiscent hand the most)
    -and all the hour markers were of the same size.
    I can imagine that with this combination of very small changes the watch could have been even dressier and more outstanding.

    All the best and thank you for your great work!

  • Derrick Luck says:

    Let me know order date and How I am in

  • Ian Holyhead says:

    Hi Sergio, my son gave me an Eclipse gray for my birthday I’am very pleased, I have never heard of micro watch companies before, now I’ am inspired to have a small collection of wrist watches. Great designs thank you.

  • JP says:

    Great watch! Blue or grey for me, good that there is still don’t time for the decision…
    A more technical question: is the dial-pan made from one curved piece or is it a flat disc and an additional curved rehaut?

  • Seth Zweig says:

    Hello Sergio 🙂 I love my 02 and 03, thank you very much!

    Will this model also be limited quantity or are you planning to make this one in perpetuity like the Type 250F?

    Thanks again – this looks lovely!

    • sergio says:

      Hi Seth!, well the 250F is a limited edition with serial numbers…just didnt sold as fast as the others mainly because it was my first watch. The 04 will be a small run but not limited edition (except for the meteorite version) so I’d be able at some point to produce more if needed.

  • Dirk says:

    Hi Sergio,

    Maybe a stupid question: Is the meteorite dial made of material out of a meteorite or what is the origin?

    • sergio says:

      Hello Dirk, no stupid question at all…it’s taken from a real meteorite. they ave a specefic patter: “Widmanstätten patterns, also known as Thomson structures, are figures of long nickel–iron crystals, found in the octahedrite iron meteorites and some pallasites. They consist of a fine interleaving of kamacite and taenite bands or ribbons called lamellae. Commonly, in gaps between the lamellae, a fine-grained mixture of kamacite and taenite called plessite can be found. Widmanstätten patterns describe features in modern steels,[1] titanium and zirconium alloys.”

  • antonio says:

    ciao, mi piace molto il green dial, credo che sarò presente il 20/03; come mai non hai pensato a produrre anche una versione senza datario? grazie

  • Edwin says:

    Sergio. I accidentally commented twice due to computer incident. Please disregard second. Was almost same.
    Keep safe

  • David Bailey says:

    Looks beautiful – where can we register our interest?

  • Thierry Thibord says:

    Bonjour Sergio,
    cette montre me plaît beaucoup.
    le bracelet intégré,
    la finition brossée satinée,
    le relief du cadran,
    les touches de rouge sur la trotteuse dans la finition météorite,
    le fond de boîte et la grande couronne.?

    J’ai quelques petites questions:
    Si je comprends bien , la matière du cadran de la version météorite est réellement celle d’une météorite?
    Les pré-inscriptions se feront uniquement sur votre site le 20 mars 2021 c’est bien ça ?

    Encore bravo

    • sergio says:

      Bonjour Thierry,
      Merci pour votre message et intêret. il faudra réaliser la commande ici sur mon site web le 20 Mars 2021
      Il s’agit effectivement d’un cradran extrait du métérorite Muonionalusta decourverte en la Suède.
      Avec mes meilleures salutations,

  • Bob says:

    Looks so beautiful! How to pre-order?

  • Bob Zheng says:

    What a beautiful watch, How to pre-order ?

  • Mike says:

    Hi Sergio,

    The DRZ-04 looks very appealing and stylish.
    Will you do a Kickstarter campaign as well this time or only pre-orders through your site?

  • Dave says:

    Well I’m not taking anything away from the watch, it is a beautiful watch, that being said I have recently seen two micro-bands that are a integrated bracelet W/QR and you can change the straps with ease. So I feel for the price I’m not a fan of this one. I have the DRZ 02 & 03 and they are BEAUTIFUL Watches

  • Rick Bunuan says:

    Glad I got the 03 Blood Moon Eclipse. Love the red. Very well made and the design is a beauty to behold. And now the 04. Love the continuity of dial and case??. The meteorite ,white and gray dial appeals to me.

    Outstanding job Sergio??

  • Dean says:

    Hey Sergio,
    Gorgeous piece, as always. Several of the most consistent complaints (that I agreed with) on the DRZ 03 Eclipse were the less than stellar lume and how the folding part of the clasp seemed to protrude from the rest of the clasp, making it less comfortable than more flush designs. It seems you’ve already taken both of these into account. The lume by using BGW9 lume and the clasp by replacing it with a butterfly clasp. With the lume, just make sure the application is good! I know you will as your work is always stellar.

    And this isn’t a criticism, more a curiosity, what about this piece makes it more costly than the Eclipse? My uninformed intuition would have assumed the quick release bracelet and the multi-layered, dished dial of the Eclipse would be more costly to produce,

    Stunning watches, keep up the good work and I look forward to watching Direnzo grow!

    • sergio says:

      Hello Dean,
      Indeed, the lume will be dramatically improved on this watch. AR coating as well.
      The increase cost is due to:
      1. Scratch resistance coating on case and bracelet
      2. engraved rotor on movement
      3. display caseback
      4. better lume
      5. matching color on calendars.
      In fact I will probably make more money with the 03 than the 04…all these specs at this price is a bit insane…

  • William Kiss says:

    Just a request to please add me to your mailing list. Very nice watches!

  • Thien Duong says:

    Love the Journeish hands too.

  • Jan says:

    Great designs Sergio! You clearly have an inspired vision.
    I’m looking forward to the March 20th pre-order.

  • thomas j voight says:

    Sergio. You know me by now. I am weak for blue dials though. If I get a blue dial, I’ll have to sell a beloved seiko. However, I really love the white dial! but I have 2 white dialed watches (one is a wife gift) What should I do? I have the red DRZ-03 and the green DRZ-02.

    • sergio says:

      Hi Thomas, two different watches since the white is matte hence more discrete and classy.. but if you are a fan of blue watches well the blue is just wow, is my most accomplished blue color to day and just shines… on top it could complement your range of Direnzos as you don’t have this color. Thank you!

      • thomas j voight says:

        Hi Sergio. I appreciate your advice. This year, June 16. My wife, Michelle and I will be married 15 years.
        One of the 15 year marriage items includes a watch as well as crystal.
        Well, actually, it’s crystal first, then a watch, but never mind that,.
        The watch..
        It will be the white face; in commemoration of our 15th wedding anniversary.
        We will be in Hawaii at that time on the last full day of our well deserved vacation. Coincidentally, for the pre-order and also our vacation delay (think Cov) with a few months till our actual anniversary, (and delivery month too)
        Will be privileged to purchase the DRZ-04. Please put my order In now. Lol
        I will wait for your next iteration with a GMT to go Blue. Thank you.

  • CONRAD Olivier says:

    Hello Sergio,
    Great deishn like you re used to. After drz 02 in black drz 03 in red. I ll be in for the 04 !!!
    I think too do the 250F to complete my collection…
    I wonder if you re thinking about a chrono, with your design it would be fantastic and possible under 1000 euro?
    Continue like that
    Best regards

    • sergio says:

      Thank you Olivier! I’ve been thinking about the chrono for a while..I still have some previous releases yet! Thanks for being a fan of my small brand.

  • Gary says:

    Hi Sergio,
    Can you please tell me if the green and blue dials are the same shades as the ones on the DRZ 02 models? Yes, I have both plus a black 03. The green looks like it could be a little bit brighter than on the 02, but it’s always hard to tell from photos.
    I’m tossing up between a green and a white, or maybe even both…

    • sergio says:

      Hi Gary, both green and blue are almost the same, slightly more punchy (a bit more color or saturation, but same hue/tint)
      I said if you go for one go for the white since you have green and blue 02. Only you need to consider the white is a matte dial and blue and green sunburst, so they qre quiet different…
      Thanks a lot again for your trust and support and I’ll be delighted to know you’ll have a Mondial.

  • Wing Yip says:

    Have a really hard time deciding which color.The white initially attracted me the most. But, I also like the grey and blue dials. just over a month to go.. better figure this out before the pre-sale goes live. I think need to add them all as screensavers so I can constantly look and hopefully one will stand out as the one to get.

  • Ken says:

    Fantastic looking watches. The white is just gorgeous!

  • Karol says:

    Hi Sergio,
    Is Swiss VAT included in the price?
    When you will be selling to EU (Poland), can you do this with 0 VAT rate? We have to pay extra VAT anyway.

    • sergio says:

      Hello Karol, since the watch is shipped to the EU I don’t charge VAT, but you’ll probably have Customs duties and (sadly) those are responsability of the customer.
      Thank you very much! Sergio

  • Juan Luis says:

    Hello, any plan to make a red (deep red) dial for this model?

  • Juan Luis says:

    I have two more questions:

    Can you ship to Costa Rica?
    Can you add a video of the watches with close ups? That will help me to decide which one to buy.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • Jan says:

    Patiently waiting for some more reviews with real life footage and impressions, especially if the grey dial… will there be more bait soon? 🙂

  • Owen Clendenin says:

    Hello Sergio,

    I think this watch is absolutely stunning, but have a slight concern about the size. I’ve got 6.75-inch wrists and am a bit concerned about overhang, especially with the integrated bracelet. Do you think it would be best to wait for a later release, or will this not be an issue in your mind. Thanks for the time.

    • sergio says:

      Hi Owen, thank you very much for getting in touch, I have a small wrist like yours and doesn’t overhangs or feels big, is a very comfy watch. Either way there will be soon many video reviews and you’ll be able to check them, I think Armand from watch chronicler has that same wrist size.

      • Owen Clendenin says:

        Thanks Sergio, I appreciate the response. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the reviews.

      • Owen Clendenin says:

        Thanks for the response Sergio! Do you mind if I ask how large your wrists are? I’m looking forward to seeing the reviews. I’ve also seen you mention that the DRZ 05 will have dimensions of 39×47. This is more favorable for me, but I really enjoy the styling of this watch. Any chance you could provide a bit more details of the DRZ 05? Will it look similar? I fear that I may wait for the DRZ 05 to be released and like the DRZ 04 model more, but then be forced to pay retail price. This isn’t a doubt of your ability to make another stunning watch, just a testament to how much I like the way this piece looks. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks again Sergio, I wish you all the best.

        • sergio says:

          Hello Owen!
          My wrist size is 16.5 cm, the model on the pictures have a 18.00 cm.
          The DRZ 05 will be similar to the 03 but in a super compressor style, I hope to start showing it around July/August 2021.
          I’m very glad you love my watches, it makes me feel very proud that you might consider one!
          Thank you and do let me know if I can help with more info. Sergio

  • Jovan says:

    Lots of originality and dare without being stupid. Well done. Definitely want one.

  • Mike says:

    Hi Sergio,

    Initially I was totally grasped by the blue dial. But after seeing the Bruce Williams review on Youtube I’m thrown off. The blue in the dial in that video looks completely different than what is presented on the site. Is that only the lighting effect or is the blue different than what we can see here?

    • sergio says:

      Hello Mike, it is a sunburst dial so it reflects. Generally I do my pictures with a black backgroud so the dial reflects darker. If you have a white background or you are outside with a cast sky it will reflect brighter. thanks

      • Mike says:

        Hi Sergio,

        I’m concerned that the blue becomes too dark at the edges and it takes away the awesome smooth one-piece dial. Therefor I have decided to go with a white one. Can you write me down for one?


        • sergio says:

          Hi Mike! thank you I’m glad you’ll be getting one! I won’t be able to make reservations, but if this goes too fast and you miss it let me know and we’ll find a solution…Best

  • Joe Pytel says:

    Excellent looking watch! I’ll definitely be ordering one when the sale opens!

    Will there be a limited number or if you order during the order window, you’ll be guaranteed to get one?

    • sergio says:

      Hi Joe! Watches are under production and is a small run, I strongly recommend to be early, specially if you are going for the white version or the Meteorite. Thanks!

  • Dave R says:

    Oh man. Another gorgeous Direnzo design!

    This watch would be even more attractive with a tapered bracelet (and given that it’s integrated, I think getting the bracelet design right is essential)

    Congrats on another winner!

  • Nick says:

    Sergio your both reading and then actually responding to these comments is incredibly appealing.

    If only some other watch brands cared to engage with their clientele so much! And yes, Rolex I absolutely do mean you!

  • Roman says:

    Will there be any extra conditions for those who pick a few out of the collection?

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