Pre-sale campaign: Launching July 15th 2023 (15.00 CET) Delivery during October 2023

Welcome to Direnzo Watches, where timeless elegance meets retro-futuristic innovation. We are thrilled to introduce our latest timepiece, the DRZ 02R Aerolite (R stands for reduced). Building upon the success of our iconic DRZ 02, this reimagined model combines a smaller form factor with a striking metal bracelet, resulting in a timepiece that exudes sophistication and versatility.

In addition to its retro-futuristic aesthetics, the DRZ 02R Aerolite introduces an exciting array of new colors, including the striking Burnt Orange variant. This vibrant hue adds a bold and adventurous touch to the timepiece, further accentuating its retro-futuristic appeal.

Practicality and functionality are key aspects of the DRZ 02R Aerolite. The SuperLuminova on the crown ensures optimal visibility in low-light conditions, while the precise automatic movement guarantees accurate timekeeping and exceptional durability. This fusion of vintage-inspired design and modern features creates a timepiece that is as reliable as it is visually captivating.

The most outstanding feature of the case is its elliptical elevation, a design element that pays homage to the sleek lines of vintage Bugatti automobiles. This unique shape accentuates the watch’s edges with polished fillets, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, the countercurve at the transversal section generates intriguing shadow play, adding depth and dimension to the timepiece.

Join us on this horological journey as we unveil the DRZ 02R Aerolite, a tribute to the past, designed for the present, and destined to become a cherished heirloom of the future.

Standard model pricing:

Pre-sale price: 700 chf
Retail price: 750 chf

Limited edition PVD (Only 40 units) pricing:

Pre-sale price: 800 chf
Retail price: 850 chf

There will be 6 color variants, no-date and date (positioned at 6 o’clock). 

  •  Blue with blue Super-LumiNova
  •  Burnt orange with BGW9 Super-LumiNova
  •  Grey with orange Super-LumiNova
  •  Purple with BGW9 Super-LumiNova
  • Black with BGW9 Super-LumiNova
  • PVD and black dial with red paint (no Super-LumiNova)

Note: Your timepiece will be shipped from Switzerland


  • Case material: 316L with scratch resistance coating (HV 800)
  • Crystal: Flat sapphire with anti-reflective coating
  • Water resistant: 10atm
  • Diameter without crown: 39mm
  • Lug to lug: 44mm
  • Height: 10.8mm (Including sapphire)
  • Case back: screw down with sapphire crystal
  • Movement: Sellita SW-200-1 Elaboré with incabloc shock protection system
  • Dial: sandwich dial, matt or sunburst fumé
  • Crown: non screw down
  • Bracelet: 316L with scratch resistance coating (HV 800)  screw down pins
  • Clasp: Butterfly and optional folding clasp
  • Included half links


The dial’s bowl shape was first introduced with the DRZ 02 back in 2018. This type of dial helps to create a seamless continuity between dial and case, it also creates a deep sense of depth and 3D effect on the whole watch. This kind of dial manufacture requires a CNC modelling process, unlike that used to produce a more conventional and simpler flat disc.


The DRZ 02R “Aerolite” features a 316L stainless steel bracelet. This bracelet is extremely comfortable. Your DRZ 02R will come with included half links and an optional folding clasp with 5 microadjustments and the proper endlinks so you can swap the butterfly easily in case you prefer to use your 02R that way. The extra clasp will come with the scratch resistant coating as well (and of course engraved logo)

Swiss Made:

Throughout the world the reputation of Swiss made watches is unrivalled. Know-how, impeccable quality, aesthetic prowess, technical innovation: the indication “Swiss made” reflects all this, and much more. Assembled in Switzerland, the DRZ 02R “Aerolite” sports the Swiss automatic movement Sellita SW-200-1 and comes in Elaboré version with an Incabloc protection system, a high quality and accurate mechanism for three hands with 38 hours of power reserve and a 28’800 A/h (4 Hz) frequency. Aside from the assembly and quality control undertaken in our Swiss atelier, we are proud to check every timepiece ourselves.


  • Jason says:

    Just got my aerolite. I sent a email to see if they would take a few links out of the band. I never got a reply so they didn’t. So the band has screws and Ive never removed links with screws before. The reason I wanted them to remove a few links instead of me is cuz I am guaranteed to scratch it now. I was trying to avoid that by having them do it. Was hoping they went that extra mile for their customers. But I should expect humans to act like humans and companies to act like companies.

    • sergio says:

      Hello, I replied on July 17th by email asking your wrist size and you never answered, I can’t guess that info, I cannot “remove a few links” that’s nonsense.

      • Jason says:

        I still have the email but its not showing a reply. I’m not saying you didnt reply. I may have just missed it. Its gotta go to a jeweler anyways. First 3 link screws came out perfectly. But then the next few did not.

  • Joe says:

    Hi. What a great design. I wonder if u will do Version with a green dial?

  • emmanuel says:

    Reçue ma drz02 ce jour. Grise indice orange. Incroyable, une beauté. Quel talent ce Serge. 😋.

  • Barry Pike says:

    Hi Sergio,
    Just wondering what the expected mailing of these is? I tried to look on the web site but could not find anything.
    Looking forward to my watch.

  • Rafał says:

    Hello, when could I expect delivery ?

  • Jason Wisbith says:

    Only a few more weeks till its in hand. Then I get to admire this art with my own eyes. I’m hoping it gets to my door at the beginning of 10/23.

  • Jacob says:

    Hi Sergio,

    Do you have any plans to offer a burnt orange dial in other models (perhaps the DRZ04 🙂 )?

  • Artur says:

    Hi Sergio.
    Unfortunately I discovered ypur watches too late.
    Would I get a chance to purchase that Aerolite Grey-Orange at some stage later on?
    Price doesn’t matter I’m just in love, that’s it.
    Let me know pls.
    Best regards from Ireland

    • sergio says:

      Hello Artur, Yes we will probably launch another edition next year, thanks!

      • Artur says:

        But is there a chance that I’ll be able to grab grey/orange version like recent one?
        I’ll try my luck to buy second hand anyway.
        Or.maybe someone will cancel his order…

  • Shawn Greeves says:

    How do I order a burnt orange one?

  • Johan Javaux says:

    Wow, what a pre-sale. You’ve to deserve a Direnzo ! I didn’t get my first choice for a couple of seconds, but I did get the second one. Glad to be joining the family in October. Thanks Sergio !

  • Vel says:

    Ah, all gone. Too bad but a huge success for the wath. Is that it now? No more normal sale?

    • sergio says:

      Sadly I don’t have pieces left, probably there will be some cancellations and I’ll publish those during October. I’m sure I’ll run another production soon. Thanks

      • Hi Sergio,

        One of our regular customers has let us know that you’re already all sold out on all colors apart from the black bracelet model. Can’t say I’m in the least bit surprised as we’ve excitedly been waiting on the 02 to come back around for a couple of years now, and the wait has been well worth it! Congratulations on another stunner!

        Normally we hold off on listing our pre-orders for a month or so as a courtesy to our microbrands, but seeing as we’re not stocking the black, and you’re already sold out on all of the colors we have arranged to stock, I don’t see a reason to hold off here, so we’ll try and get our own listings up in the next couple of days at, which may help some folks who missed out.

        For those who are still hunting for a DRZ02R, we’ll be stocking the blue, grey, orange, and purple DRZ02Rs in the date variant only, (with the date window.)

  • Sergio Vazquez says:

    Missed the presale. When will regular sales start?

  • Jason Wisbith says:

    Glad I was quick. Cause the gray with date sold out fast…like 10 mins fast. Is the orange lume just as good as the other lume? I noticed that only one timepiece has the orange lume and one with blue. The rest have the BGW9 lume.

  • grb says:

    Salut, possibilité de l’envoyer d’alleurs de Suisse pour éviter les frais de port exhobitants ? Merci

  • Tom says:

    Is there a no date version for the PVD limited edition?

  • Yanis says:

    Bonjour Sergio !
    I believed sw200 Elabore hadn’t incabloc escapement, is it a special version for your watch ?
    Thank you !

  • says:

    How do u get in on the pre-order special price? Where do I go? I…like alot of others waited to long on the last release and missed out. Well not this time so how do I preorder. These are some sexy watches.

  • Christian Guillermin says:


    je vais sans aucun doute passer commande le 15 juillet, j’habite Annecy serait-il possible de venir récupérer la montre à Genève pour éviter les taxes d’importation ?

    • sergio says:

      Bien sûre, il faut juste noter lors de l’achat « remise en main propre, ne pas envoyer » en suite on organisera un RDV. Merci.

  • Tyler Dick says:

    Will there be a folding clasp option for the PVD version?

  • David says:

    Sergio…This is flat out one of THE coolest releases in a long time from ANY brand. Now the dilema of what color to purchase!

  • ken says:

    Does the red one have good lume?

  • Simon says:

    Lovely watch. I missed the Direnzo 1 watch, because my decission making process was too long:( Now, I’m not going to think too long 😜 But one crucial question – is there a leather strap option or only metal bracelet?

  • shvartz says:

    How are these shipped (what service)? Can you deliver to a PO box or should I give my house address? Can I choose the service (EMS, express)?
    Thanks for your help.

  • 66marcantonio-4536 says:

    Hi, I’d be interested in buying the DRZ 02R purple model, how should I proceed? I await your news, thank you. Greetings Antonio Maullu

    • sergio says:

      Dear Antonio, thank you for your message and for getting in touch.
      All the watches will become available on my website from July 15th 15 CET. Thanks!

  • Darren Wallace says:

    Hi Sergio,
    Firstly, I have to complement you on producing such a beautiful watch (I’m hooked)….. I’m based in Sydney, Australia so I assume that the watch would be shipped without tax if you are happy to ship to Australia?
    I’m hoping to secure one of the blue on blue…. How many of these are being produced as I dont want to miss out..

    Thanks and well done!

    • sergio says:

      Hello Darren, thanks!
      Of course I’m shipping to Australia, shipping cost is included, import duties are customer’s responsability, you’ll need to check that. Thanks!

  • Tyler Dick says:

    I have been watching all of the youtube videos and am very excited! Is there going to be a video for the PVD watch?

  • Doug D. says:

    That watch is quite like the Omega Deville 166.095 from 1971 with the cushion case that is substantial and striking.
    This is a compliment mind you.
    The integrated bracelet that is the full width of the case would be a modern interpretation and improvement over the Omega in my opinion.
    Bit is a striking watch and I am strongly considering purchasing.

  • Lindsay says:

    Beautiful design!
    Is the dial finish on the black dialed version (not the PVD black) flat black, sunburst or glossy?

  • Craig says:

    That case! I think we definitely have a new Genta. Current styles are either stale, over the top and just stupid or variants of the past (or so expensive, no one cares anymore). This is so fresh, modern but retro!! I want one. No, I need one! Orange or Purple, Orange or Purple… hmm could sell a car and get both?

  • Dan Hansen says:

    On the no date version, will the space where the date would be, be blank or with numre 6 ?

  • Unai says:

    Love this design
    Would you consider to make a silver with white indexes, a white one with grey indexes, and a light blue with white indexes?
    Thank you

  • Rob Brampton says:

    Where can i sign up for one of the Stainless Steel ones ?
    Ps. i have already subscribed.

    Rob Brampton

  • Sunnu says:

    First time potential buyer from Austria.
    Just wanted to understand what the total cost would be after import tax, customs and VAT in Austria.
    Does anyone have any experience?

  • Ren says:

    Beautiful watches, Sergio! Does the red paint on the PVD version have any lume effect, or is that version not really legible in the dark? Could you include pictures of the PVD version in low or little light? Thanks!

    • sergio says:

      Hello, sadly the red superluminova is very weak and almost non existance, that’s why I’m declaring these as only “paint” with no luminiscense at all… Thanks

    • Jhon says:

      Buongiorno quello blue è spettacolare,vorrei sapere se è possibile scrivere solo DRZ maiuscolo al posto di DIRENZO .

  • doug lockhart says:

    Great looking watches. The question is, what color? I am torn between the gray dial with orange, or the orange dial with standard lume. Have to admit the black watch with red insert is sharp also! I have a blue mondial, and a red eclipse on the beads of rice. Stunning watches!

  • Mohsen says:

    I love the unique design of this watch, and the movement of the lollipop on the seconds hand along the curve and masking the date window at 6-oclock. Amazing.
    On the black version of the watch, what is the coating? how resistant is it to scratch?

  • TheSig says:

    Will there still be the phantom position of the crown in the “no date” version?

  • David Yossef S. says:

    Cette montre est superbe ! Je vis en Israël et j’ai hâte de la commander et de la recevoir surtout !
    J’hésite entre deux couleurs l’orange et le bleu… ( je vais peut être commander les deux du coup…)
    Bravo pour les dimensions qui sont plus adaptées me concernant (pouvez-vous me les confirmer du reste svp ?)
    Autres chose : Quand et comment pourrons-nous la commander ?
    PS : Je vais etre un de vos ambassadeurs ici, en Israël, surtout auprès des 250 000 Français du pays et dans le monde de la high tech ( dans lequel j’évolue )

  • Devin oleary says:

    Doing the math on how much I would need for all of them, sheesh I wish I could swing that. hopefully I’ll be able to grab at least 3, I have a feeling these are gonna fly like hot sandwiches (see what I did there) nice work Sergio I can’t wait to get one of these on my wrist!!

  • Claude Moreau says:

    Happy owner of a DRZ03 Aqua, this time I’m going to fall for the Orange, my favorite…can’t wait for July 15th and thank you for your watch 😉

  • Michael says:

    Just wow! This one has to be my first Direnzo. Can‘t wait to preorder it.

  • Philippe says:

    What an amazing collection !
    So difficult to choose as the different colors are so successful ! A dilemma on July 15th !
    Three questions please :
    – what is the weight of the watch (including steel strap of course) ?
    – does the price in CHF include local value added tax (7.7%) ?
    – By ordering the watch on July 15th, approximately when will we receive it?
    Thank you for your answers, best regards

    • sergio says:

      Thank you Phillipe!
      Weight is approximately 140 grs, depending on how many links you’ll remove. For exports from Switzerland we don’t add taxes, you’ll have to pay only import duties. Delivery will be for October of this year as mentioned on top of the post. Thanks!

      • Philippe says:

        Hello Sergio,
        Thank you for yours answers !
        If I may, 2 other questions please (last ones I hope !) :
        – Considering the blue one, is it the same materials and colors (on the 2 layers) as you proposed in the 2018 DRZ 02 ?
        – The standard model will be produced in limited edition (as many of your previous/sold out productions : and if so, how many watches), or in a permanent offer in your collection ?
        Good evening, best regards !

        • sergio says:

          Hello Philippe,
          Thank you for your message!. The blue one is the same material but color is slightly different, there should be some reviews online soon for you to check out. This collections, is a limited production run (currently being manufactured) meaning I have produced a specific number of units, which I can not publish publicly, thanks!

  • Ezequiel Fiamingo says:

    Una Suerte tenerte Sergio, como representante de Argentina en el mundo, una vez mas, con una obra de arte en relojeria.
    Fuerte Abrazo.

  • Roy says:

    What’s the lug width? Can it be worn with a strap?

  • Michael A says:

    Congrats Sergio, lovely watch. Hopefully a leather will be available similar to the OG DRZ02?

  • Régis ROCROY says:

    Good news!
    Is the case in brushed steel ?
    It seems the watch with grey dial has yellow hands/indexes but not orange. Please confirm.

  • Vincent says:

    I’ve been waiting for this release and you haven’t disappointed Sergio, the colours are fantastic, the last release you gave us yellow and this time orange, you have most definitely re-designed this classic perfectly Sergio well done, looks like you’ll be getting my money once again 😂👌👍
    The bracelet looks fantastic by the way Sergio 👌

  • Thomas Voight says:

    This is going to be amazing! The black dial with blue lume reminds me of an old movie called Tron. Wondering if you will also be making a rubber and leather accessory strap?

    • sergio says:

      I’m working on a custom made leather strap, thanks

      • jshockle3 says:

        Glad to hear you are working on a leather strap option!!
        Looks great (and I hope to enjoy!) on a metal bracelet…but nice to have additional options.
        Any chance for a rubber/fkm option like the mondial also? I would (will if available!!) get all three straps.
        Best Regards, Jesse

  • Thomas Voight says:

    This is going to be amazing! The black dial with blue lume reminds me of an old movie called Tron.

  • Charlos says:

    Excelente, Sergio!!! Un diseño maravilloso, como siempre, y es muy bueno el identificar que el brazalete cuenta con sistema quick release.
    Ésta reinvención del DRZ 02 seguramente será un éxito!

  • LL says:

    Why 39mm case? That just ruined it for me. 42mm would have been perfect. I would highly suggest making two sizes, one for small wrists and an other for larger wrists. Many brands are doing this now. This is to bad, I was looking forward to purchasing one of these, but because of the size, not any more.

  • Tom says:

    The lugs look quite tight for straps if not using the bracelet. Can a NATO fit between the spring bars and case lug ends?

  • Nicolas says:

    For sure I want to get an exemplar. Now my question is which color …. all are awesome.

  • erich says:

    I am very excited about this release…Direnzo has done it once again.

  • Tyler Dick says:

    These look great! Are they compatible with the Mondial straps or bracelet?

  • JulienF says:

    Originale et très réussie ! Je serai de la partie le 15 juillet !!

  • Brett Randolph says:

    Count me in for one of these….

  • Ken Hepworth says:

    How do you achieve a 10 atm. rating without the use of a “screw-down” crown ?

  • Volker says:

    Ei ei ei ei…da fällt es mir schwer die richtige Uhr herauszufiltern. Die finde ich schick. Wenn ich Geld übrig habe, hole ich mit eine 🙏
    Weiter so 👍

  • famica18 says:

    Me encanto, estaria decidirme entre el Gris con Super-Luminova Naranja y el Azul con Super-Luminova Naranja, espero poder comprar este reloj.

  • arquitron says:

    I am definitely in line for one of these… Love the redesigned product!

  • Pawel says:

    Great update of your own classic design 🙂

  • Jonathan T Reviews says:

    Another absolute masterpiece! Direnzo watches embody art on the wrist and this 02R is no exception!

  • Colin says:

    These look amazing – can’t wait for mine to be on the wrist!

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